Most Popular No Carb Diets: Do They Exist?

popular no carb diets

For people who want to lose weight, following a certain diet program is important to help them monitor the amount and type of food they should eat. When it comes to counting carbs, the popular weight loss programs are the Atkins and Paleo diet, which you must have already heard of. While many people go […]

Does a No Carb Diet Really Work?

does no carb diet work

There are a lot of fad weight loss programs nowadays that goes in and out of fashion. Some of them may be endorsed by celebrities or backed by scientific research, while some are claimed as effective by those who have tried them. An example of such fad diet is the no carb diet, wherein you […]

What Consists a No Carb Diet?

no carb diet

There are many diet plans nowadays that promise quick yet effective weight loss, most of them in the form of crash diets and other really restrictive meal plans. Most of these diets usually require you to just eat certain types of soup like cabbage soup or salads. If you are the type who love steaks […]

Myths about the High Protein Diets Debunked

high protein

High protein and low-carbohydrate diets are one of the most common meal plans people use to cut down weight. In a high-protein diet, you minimise the intake of carbohydrates and compensate by increasing the protein content of your meals. They’ve been proven to work in many studies, mainly by decreasing appetite and increasing the feeling […]

High Protein Fruits and Vegetables

fruits and vegetables

Protein intake is an essential part of a person’s diet. It provides the amino acids needed to build new structures in the body and helps in building muscle. Protein can come from many different sources, from meats to vegetables. According to WebMD, women need at least 50g of protein a day, while men need about […]

How to Walk Off a Fat Belly

walk off fat belly

Belly fat is probably the most unwanted fat in the body. Not only is it unsightly, but a study revealed that belly fat increases your risk of developing heart diseases by 44% and cancer by 43%. Unfortunately, belly fat is the hardest to shed off from our body. Your body burns body fat last for […]

Weight Loss and Spicy Foods

spicy foods

Rejoice spicy food lovers! Aside from the tongue burning sensation that spicy foods bring, studies have found that they can actually help those who wish to shed off some weight. So aside from the fact that you are actually enjoying the food that you eat and your taste buds are having a blast, you are […]

Beverage You Should Skip To Help You Lose Weight Easily


A drink makes a meal. A good meal is not complete without a beverage to go along with it. When on the go and want something to quickly satisfy yourself or simply to cool you down, you turn to beverages. Canned juices and sodas are common sights in vending machines and stores, sometimes even much […]

Myths and Facts on Fat-Burning Supplements

Fat-Burning Supplements

Trimming down weight has never been an easy task. Because of that, lots of people consider taking fat-burning supplements in order to boost their weight loss results. Other consumers also tend to be lured by magic pill advertisements. There are so many beliefs and misbeliefs. Which ones should you believe these supplements? Fat-Burning Supplements: what […]

Can Water Intake Help Me Lose Weight?

water intake

People who want to enter the weight loss journey usually look first for easy ways to slim down their bodies. That is perfectly understandable since some would find it hard to squeeze some time for intense exercise routines, or for careful preparations of nutritious meals. One of the top tips to lose weight naturally would […]

Belly Burning Exercises to Lose Weight

belly burning exercises

One of the most common concerns of people nowadays is having belly fats. Not only does it look unsightly in your social media posts, it also limits the type of clothes you could wear. But do you know that having belly fats will cause more problems other than needing larger size pants and finding the […]

Losing Weight: Portion versus Frequency

portion versus frequency

One of the most important things to look at when trying to lose weight is your diet. It is essential to watch out for the calories in the food you eat because the key to losing weight is burning more than your calorie intake. With this rule, most people struggle to find the perfect diet […]

Natural Fat Burning Supplements for You

natural fat burning supplements

Losing weight is not an easy process. Although the best ways to lose those stubborn fats is to stick to a healthy diet and have a regular and effective exercise routine, you may still find yourself having difficulty losing all the weight that you need to. Drinking fat burning supplements can help you lose weight […]

Best Cardio Exercises to Help You Lose Weight


The best cardio exercises let you lose those extra pounds and get rid of your unsightly flabs. As you look up different ways for safe and effective weight loss, you would probably notice that they basically tell you the same things – eat smarter, move more, and rest more. It goes without saying that the […]

Top Fat Burning Supplements for Men

supplements for men

Burning fat is a gruelling process for men and women alike. There is no one-step solution for losing weight. When it comes to weight loss, men have the capacity to burn more fat than women. However, most men still struggle to lose a significant amount of fat and retain lean muscles. There are ways which […]

Crash Diets: Do They Actually Work?

crash diet

Have you heard of crash diet? There are many instances that we find ourselves in a situation where we need to lose weight fast, like an upcoming wedding or a trip to the beach to name a few. More often than not, people resort to going on crash diets in their panic to shed off […]

Natural Ways to Trim Down and Lose Weight

trim down

Lots of weight loss techniques are available on the web today. While most are helpful, others are quite doubtful, considering the lack of scientific basis behind. More so, some claim to work like magic shortcuts – but contrary to the belief, there is no instant way to get there. But why must you look for […]